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How it started?

Epicorium Clinics

Epicorium was conceptualized in the year 2022 by Dr. B.S Chandrashekar and Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar when these two experts from different fields came together with one single intention of creating state-of-the-art clinics to offer exceptional dermatology services.  Backed by advanced technology, experienced and certified dermatology practitioners, as well as expert mentors; our flagship services include skin disease treatments, hair treatments, aesthetic treatments, cosmetic enhancements, plastic surgeries, and many more. As continuous learning and improvisation are the foundations of Epicorium, we are constantly growing in newer treatments and technologies while maintaining 100% patient satisfaction. 

Dr. B.S. Chandrashekar

Medical Director & Chief Dermatologist
Cutis, Bengaluru

Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar

Entrepreneur & Founder
UBIK Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission

We strive to serve humankind with the best in class and affordable dermatology services by regularly introducing newer treatments and technologies.

Our team is our strength, and we aspire to expand our wings by bringing ambitious and passionate individuals in it.

Our Vision

We envision growing and challenging the convention through our expertise, scientific advancements, forward-thinking leadership, empathy, and collaborative approach to providing exceptional patient care in the derma segment.


Our Values


We are driven by the motto of ‘customer comes first’. We always keep our patients’ needs ahead.


We understand that dermatology is one such field that requires utmost compassion towards the other end and we always bring that to the table.


An individual can only go so far. We believe strength lies in working together and joining hands with like-minded individuals.


As a relationship is built on the foundation of trust, we create trust-worthy relationships with anyone who joins hands with us.

Service Excellence

Excellence in whatever we offer or do is the foundation on which we stand.


We adhere the moral and ethical principles and it is reflected in whatever we do and say.


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